Better days are coming …

It is really hard to wake up in the morning … as the most simple task for a normal person feels like a big deal for me .

As i woke up today i kept saying to myself “stop overthinking ” and ” relax ” … it helps sometimes , but it didnt do the job today.

I think the major reason that makes me do things is overthinking … overthinking what touched what and what went where , and as i keep telling myself to “stop”it takes my mind to something else .

Another thing i do is give myself a reward everytime i have an urge and i don’t do it … it might not work everytime but it keeps me getting through my day , as i try to keep things positive and keeping OCD from sucking all the life out of me .

I hope this can help someone in need and help someone get through his day … just take a deep breath and hang on … better days are coming

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It is not a walk on the beach …

I hear those people talking and laughing about OCD and i get mad , you can’t laugh about OCD … you can’t laugh about something that tortures you and manipulates you … you can’t say am OCDying about something when you obviously don’t know the real meaning of it .

Let me help you understand this more , how does a person suffering from OCD feel ? I will tell you at least how i feel :

– having OCD is like having someone in my head telling me how to act and react and telling me what to do .

-having OCD is like being a prisoner in my own house with the constent feeling of not being safe .

-having OCD makes me do stuff over and over ( when i know that u did it before ) till it breaks you .

-having OCD is having a constent battle inside my head of what is real and what is not .

-having OCD makes me hate myself every single second of every single day … and i can’t do anything about it .

– having OCD sucked the life out of me … as i used to be happy and active .

So no … if u have an urge to wash your hands once it doesn’t mean that you have OCD … it means your hands are dirty … but cleaning the same thing for 3 to 4 hours knowing that it is already clean … that’s what OCD is about .

So before you joke about it and use the OCD word just because you think it is trendy … know what it really means , know that it actually tortures people and ruins people’s lives

#lebanon #beirut #OCD #obsessive #compulsive #disorder #mental #health #intrusive #thoughts #healthy #illness #obsession

Take a deep breath …

The beginning of a journey

I have never thought that i will be here writing about myself … but the need to feel that am not alone made me do this .

I am 31 years old , and i suffer from obsession compulsive disorder . My OCD is related to cleaning , and cleaning is what i have been doing for the past 16 years .

Me coming here is an attempt to find people like me and it came after a relapse to my OCD that happened a month ago .

Please bare with me as am new to this … but i will try to share my daily compulsive thoughts … no one knows it might help me get through this and it might help someone else feel that he is not alone in this .

#lebanon #OCD #obsessive #thoughts #compulsive #mental #illness ##beirut #obsession #intrusive #anxiety

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